New Printers are Here!

Our new Bambu Lab X1 Carbon printers have arrived and are working out great! We’ve been able to get so much done in the last week. One of the fun things is we can share with you all the projects we get done through a time lapse video, along with pictures of the final product. Here are a few things that we have worked on in this last week.

Bed of 4 Gauge Pods, printed in 18hrs.

One of our focuses this week was helping out a fellow 3D designer in our area, Carzdeluxe Designs. He does a lot a car related designs like these gauge pods. These were printed in black ABS. We were able to fit 4 on the bed and finished the print in 18 hours. We still have some more things to print for him before moving on to other projects.

We also got this cool Scarab dice box made for a customer. He picked out a silk PLA that is green/red. It was so fun watching this one print and turned out very pretty.

We did an unboxing LIVE on our Facebook business page with our new Bambu Lab X1 Carbon printer. If you would like to check that out you can do so through this link:

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